Introducing a new standard 

Silverback Professional Tools manufactures tools to last a lifetime. We believe this so much that we include a Lifetime Warranty with ALPHA model we manufacture. We warrant that every tool will be free from defects and will perform at the standard that it was designed to meet... for life.




The ALPHA Core is an insert that reinforces the handle and blade connection, which further reduces flex and stress. Unlike most of our competitors using wood, the ALPHA Core insert doesn't expand and contract with temperature or moisture. The constant expansion and contraction of wood inserts compromises the integrity of the fiberglass, which leads to premature tool failure.

We have designed the ALPHA Trac that is three times the size of a standard step. This gives you more control, more comfort, and more power. Our shovel blade is made out of tempered carbon steel and is 10% thicker than our competitors shovel blades. A welded back plate is standard on all of our digging shovels, which decreases friction while increasing blade strength by over 200%. 

The ALPHA Neck is 50% longer than the standard tool neck. The elongated neck provides more surface area for the fiberglass and fiber insert to allow pressure to be evenly distributed. This means that more force can be applied without the risk of compromising the integrity of the handle.



The Silverback ALPHA Warranty is the best in the industry. All of our ALPHA tools include a LIFETIME WARRANTY. Our warranty covers any design flaws, any material defects, and any loss of performance due to any reason other than abuse, misuse, or neglect. Need to make a warranty claim? Take your tool with proof of purchase to the location where it was purchased or contact our service department.